Substitute this…

Since moving here one month ago, I have been hoarding food like the apocalypse is coming.  If I find something recognizable, I buy it no matter the cost.  Last week, at one of my go-to grocery stores, I spied a small pack of eight flour tortillas sitting in the dairy case.  Astonished, I quickly grabbed it, checked the expiration date, and then – with a bit of trepidation – checked the price.  They were eight dollars!  Even in the UK, I never paid more than about two bucks for a small pack.  Oh well, whatcha gonna do?  A girl’s gotta eat.

Today, I found them crammed in the back of the fridge behind more recent treasures.  Better use ’em before I lose ’em, I decided, pulling out my trusty Chicken Enchilada recipe and gathering the ingredients.  Chicken – got it.  Onion – of course.  Cheese – yep, we’re good.  Sour cream, cream of mushroom soup, chopped green chiles – nope, nope and not a chance.  Okay Cheryl, time to get creative.

It will be shocking to those who know me, but I actually made a cream sauce with some hot chili peppers, red bell pepper, onions, milk, seasoning and a little cornstarch. Sometimes, I amaze myself!  I broiled the chicken breasts, chopped them up and mixed them with the sauce.  Then rolled the mixture in my prized flour tortillas, topped them with the rest of the sauce, grated some cheese on top, and Velada!  That is Portuguese for Voila, by the way.

Our sour cream topping will be homemade as well.  Just a little vinegar added to milk and cream and some time at room temperature and BAM, you have sour cream! This cooking thing is kinda fun!  You just have to approach shopping like a treasure hunt, ignore the prices and prepare for the worst.  Realistically, they can’t all be home runs.  I’ll squirrel away some spaghetti sauce in the freezer for the inevitable dud.  Until then, I’ll continue my experimental cooking – and say a prayer of thanks for a patient hubby!

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